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    sorry for this topic. So all the articles I’ve read online tell you what to do to avoid runner’s diarrhea DURING a long run.


    i don’t run too long yet (up to 5.5 mi so far), but it’s when I’ve finished. About 5 minutes later I’m cramping and feel the urge to go. I thought last week it was bc I had my choc milk too fast post run and tummy wasn’t ready. But today i took it easy, allowing fluid and solids minimally to “kick start” my GI system.


    this cramping and urge lasted about 2-2.5 hrs.

    i usually don’t have enough time to eat, let digest and run. So I wolf down a ripe banana and a tsp of peanut butter beforehand. Also maybe 4-6 Oz of water. Maybe 10-15 min I’m out the door.


    last time I tried without food, I felt like I was crashing but that could have been bc I wasn’t properly healed from the previous day’s run and I was just starting out.


    im up around 6:10am and usually out the door by 6:30. I’m finishing my run stronger and faster. Do I really need a small meal for these shortish runs (they are long to me now). Please don’t tell me to wake up earlier!!!


    But I guess I’ll have to eventually as mileage increases,as I’d like to be home by a certain time.


    i think Im not taking enough time to cool down. Maybe I shouldn’t go straight home after the 5 miles?


    and is this going to happen *during* a longer run???

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      Hey, not sure i can cover all of the points you raise, but here's a start;

      Runner's trots is more common amongst new runners, and many of us get it less often or not at all after a few years of running. When i did get it, I got it after the harder efforts and longer runs.

      There's a few things you can do, and you probably know this already - take it easy on the high fiber, acidic, spicy, foods, and not too much within a couple of hours of a run. Caffeine also upsets some people's guts, and that's when i tried caffeine pills.

      But here's a great little tip that really worked well for me: you've heard of the BRAT diet for upset stomachs. It works for runner's trots, too.

      That's Banana, Apple Sauce, Rice, Toast. I've found the easiest is a cup of white rice before a run, but I also bought a couple of bags of rice cakes just for convenience and they work nicely, too.

      As for your question if you need a meal before hand, only you will be able to tell. Some people don't need it, but everyones different. Again, crunching down a couple of rice cakes certainly can't take longer than 60 seconds, though.

      Good luck. Most runners are able to work through this and hopefully you will find what it takes as your body adjusts, also.


        Thank you so much. I will try your suggestions. I’m eating a banana beforehand already but I think first I’ll try without food again or half a banana. I like the rice cake idea. My next trip is 6 miles. I shouldn’t need too much power for that...?


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          There is no doubt that going out and running can get the GI tract stimulated and part of training is also training the GI tract to be regular.  While drinking something milk can cause issues where you might produce symptoms of milk lactose intolerance, other drinks like coffee or certain juices can have similar effects.  Although I drink coffee on a daily basis, I like to joke about it "starting a movement."  But that might also be a function of the regularity of my system.


          I also had similar symptoms like you report when I first started running again.  I would plan my runs with places to be able to stop because they either had accessible bathrooms or porta-potties.  I wouldn't eat a big meal before going running but I would eat something within the hour of departure whether it was a banana or toast or English muffin.  And although my bowel regularity was pretty good, somewhere out there I would become concerned with an increasing urgency to find the nearest toilet.  Eventually, I changed my training habits.


          Here's the thing, at the short distances you're running you actually do not need to eat anything prior to running.  You might be accustomed to eating and having that sort of energy burst, but until you get out to some really long distances (for me that is somewhere beyond 15 miles during training) you really don't need anything.  it took just a couple of weeks to adapt to running fasted but it seemed to have the benefit of reducing the urgency of finding a toilet during the running.  It is rare that I experience that like I did in the past.



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            I think I've read avoid fruit/fiber before a run....


            not my favorite but a slice of toast with PB...jelly optional... is pretty solid...

            300m- 37 sec.


              Thank you guys. I’m normally not an early morning eater. I like to wait about an hr after I get up to eat. But since I started running outdoors finally, I thought I may need the boost.

              also my normal “time to go” is usually in the morning. I try to empty out (SORRY) as much as possible but I’m constantly rushing to finally get out there. On treadmill days I take my time to get my body ready for those runs. I’ll have eaten at least an hr or more before those runs. I feel like it’s whatever’s leftover rather than what I just ate that morning (hope you’re not eating while reading this) that’s upsetting my stomach and it feels like I’m still so pumped up after my run is finished and I’m trying to become “normal” (settled stomach) too fast...