Question about spacing 1st and 2nd HM (Read 627 times)

    (Re-post from the half-marathon user group) I have been running for nearly 1 year, have run two 10k's this year (back during the cooler months...even wore gloves for one - remember those?) with another planned for upcoming Labor Day. I started out `07 with the resolution to run "a marathon" this year, since I had about 3 months of running under my belt and was feeling good about it. But now that it is crunch time for starting a program, and looking at my dubious "base" and consistency the past few months, I have decided it would be more sane to shoot for a Half this year. I have more confidence in my ability to stick to a Half program. The one I was planning for is on Dec. 31 (Springfield MO) which is near where my parents live and we will be there for the holidays already. Thought it might be neat way to ring in the new year. But there is one in the town where I live on Thanksgiving Day as well. Schedule-wise I could be able to run either of them. Starting next week, using Higdon Intermediate, I could be ready for the 11/22 race, but the 12/31 race is the main one I wanted to aim for . Alternately, if I am training for 12/31 then my long run as of 11/22 is only up to 9 miles. Therefore does it make more sense to start my training now, as if training for 11/22, and then tack on an adjusted 5 week schedule for 12/31? (that way I have a fallback if either of them don't happen) How would I adjust? Just repeat the last 5 weeks of the Higdon intermed schedule? Is that a reasonable thing to do or is it too much abuse? Too ambitious? An everyday piece of cake by the time I'm at that level? I'm 38, male, 170lbs, running for almost 1 year. Currently averaging 20 mpw. My long run is 7 miles, 8 miles next week.
      I'd do the latter--train for the first one then take a down week to recover and do the last 4 weeks of training over again and run the 2nd one. If your goal is to eventually run a marathon, I think it's a really good idea to get to the point where a 13-miler is a fairly normal weekend long run anyway, even when you're not training for anything.

      Runners run.

        I agree with mikeymike - and remmeber to really take it easy 1 week after - this doesn't mean no running, in fact a few short and extremely slow will be a great recovery tool. Then start the program again, just at the week you need to make it to the next 1/2.
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