2017 Sub 3 Marathons...and beyond! (Read 346 times)


    cinnamon - I think my pelvis problem was in the works for a long time. Remember all that lower ab discomfort. Pretty sure that was all related to that problem.  44 seems so young now. lol  I was talking to a buddy in town for St Jude that has osteopenia (not quite as bad as osteoporosis) and he thought I should get a bone density scan. Talked to my dr and I'm going to have it done on Dec 21. Can't say I typically go looking for issues but before I ramp up and have another problem I want to get some reassurance. It does seem a little strange given my relatively modest mileage and training intensities.


    Weekly Summary
    Monday, Nov 27, 2017 thru Sunday, Dec 03, 2017


    <tfoot> </tfoot>
    Day Miles Pace Description Link
    Mon 5.1 7:30 Tour de Christmas lights strava
    Wed 5.1 7:24 Beautiful night run strava
    Thu 30.7 3:15 Is it almost December? (cycling) strava
    Fri 5.1 7:01 Time crunch strava
    Sun 7.0 7:23 Run the greenway while boys ride strava
      53.0 4:58  


      Andres - You didn't run a marathon this fall, a drop in mileage is not the worst thing in the world. Don't just try to cram them in to hit a silly number! 

      It is just a silly number, and I keep trying to remind myself that I need overall good weeks more than just big numbers.  The hard thing is that I've only had two 300+ months.  The last one was two years ago leading up to my PR half.  So I know if I could pull it off, I'd get a good result out of it.  On the other hand, that month had some of my best workouts in it (and ultimately came close to breaking me).  So hitting the number without the workouts probably won't do me much good, and doing both could lead to me DNSing.

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        Matt: 85 mpw on 6 days?


        No, not going that high. I was just looking at that plan to see where the additional miles came from compared to the 70 plan. I probably won't add much just because the weekday runs are already long enough. I could maybe add 2 or 3 easy miles to the recovery days.


        I may consider an easy Monday run or doubles as JMac suggested.


           Paul - Good luck on Sunday!


          Thanks Mikkey, but to clarify, this race is on Saturday (I think it is run by a Mormon, and they don't do Sunday events).


          EDIT:  I have a bib number now - 514.  Unfortunately, you may need to sign up with something called SPLIFE to track.  WTH, I should not have to sign up with some platform I've never heard of to receive important race notifications.  No thanks.


          Your bib number has been assigned for the 2018 Tucson Marathon: # 514. 

          We will be using SPLIFE as the official social communication platform for the 2018 Tucson Marathon. It is important that you join now in order to receive important race notifications, as well as live updates, photos and results. You can also invite family and friends to follow your epic journey live on SPLIFE! 

          The Tucson Marathon Events Staff 


          Flash - Great report, loved hearing about the elite treatment.


          Anyone in So Cal - Hope you are safe with all these crazy fires.  So far so good for me, but some of my co-workers are in the danger zone.



            Anyone in So Cal - Hope you are safe with all these crazy fires.  So far so good for me, but some of my co-workers are in the danger zone.

            I hope you, your family, and your friends remain safe.  And I hope it's not something that you're needing to worry about during your race.  Good luck again!

            Upcoming races:  Houston Half (Jan 2018); Boston (April 2018) | others:  5k/8k/10k races in Nov 2017


              Paul - Best of luck this weekend!


              Me - Been having some very weird pain in my foot. Different spots than before the marathon, but it's traveling all over the place. Originally in the big toe, now I have pain in the tendons/tissues between my metatarsals. I'm also finding pain in in some of the other toes. When it was just local in my big toe, I went to the doctor out of an abundance of caution and he said it's just tissue pain, nothing big. I decided to take some time off though because this is a silly part of the year to be pushing things. However, now that the pain is traveling, I know it's nothing serious and I'm going to start up running again next week. I probably would have ran through this if I was in serious training anyway as there is no pain when running, just when I'm walking around the house without shoes on. I'll keep an eye on it, but these 2 weeks off, plus the 2 I'm taking now, plus another 1.5 I need to take for vacation (unless people know of good places to run in Tokyo), I'm going to be in quite the mileage hole for the spring. Not too stressed about it though. Rather be safe than sorry.

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                Matt: 85 mpw on 6 days?


                Yeah. Might as well add just another 15 on the 7th day and you'll hit that Holy Grail 100 mpw!


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                  Paul: Good luck! Go for the MM!


                  Mark: Good luck on your half!


                  Flash: Great race report and congrats on the superb performance.


                  Does anyone know the status of Colefund from the old RWOL thread? Is he back running yet? Would be nice if he would post here.

                  5K: 17:55    HM: 1:23:57    FM: 2:57:35       

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                    2:53:07 for me.  Was on track for the MM (sub-2:49) through about 18 but just couldn’t hold it together from there.  11th OA, 1st master.  Maybe a 4 minute positive split.  5 minute PR, so pretty happy with the result.


                    ill post a more complete race report later.


                      Paul: Congrats on the excellent time, placement and PR!

                      5K: 17:55    HM: 1:23:57    FM: 2:57:35       

                      Up next: Ocean's Run Marathon (March 4, 2018)  

                      Elite Jogger

                        Paul - Big congrats on the 5min PR which is huge! I liked that you properly went for the MM and hopefully you get it next year!


                        IAM - Thanks for the race report. 


                        JT - Yeah it would be great to see Epic Colefund here! I don’t think he was one of the cool kidz on Strava or facebook/twatter so maybe he doesn’t even know about this place!

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                          I suspect Colefund is holed up in the fetal position now that the Yanks have Stanton.


                          Hope he can find his way here. Can't find him on Strava.


                            All - who is training for Boston, and when do you begin?  My Pfitz 18/85 begins tomorrow AM.  Hoping that strength training and putting some IAM into my LR's will shave a few more minutes off of my PR, and get me onto track for moose hunting in Fall '18.


                            paul - congrats on monster PR!


                              Paul - congrats on the 5 minute PR.

                              PRs: 5km 18:43, half 1:26:16, full 3:09:28



                              2017 aims: 2:59:59 full


                                Paul - congrats on the huge PR!


                                JMac - those pains that float around can be kind of irritating but yeah it suggests nothing too serious.


                                Me - Omaha Half Marathon yesterday, 1:20:49 which was good for 5th in a good field and tough conditions (19-20C / 66-68F and close to 100% humidity).  I'll put a full RR up over on the sub-1:30 thread shortly.  It would've been nice to get another sub-1:20 half but it wasn't the day for it - despite not quite hitting the time goal, I was really happy with how I managed and paced the race especially considering I am normally crap in warm / humid conditions.


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