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    We had a couple of bikers hit in our little town this past July.  The driver was texting(  ) and mowed over two bikers...one died. 


    The saddest part is her husband passed away from cancer a couple of years ago and their two children are now orphans. 


    Charges are pending but that does not mean much to the family left behind. 


    I run the road she died on almost every run.  It is hard not to think about what happened.


    Runners seem to have a bit of an advantage as they can run towards the cars while bikers, sadly, have to ride with the traffic flow. 

      The texting, cell phoning, rushing to work or wherever drivers are just plain scary.  I was almost hit yesterday on a bike path, at a stoplight.  To my left was a black suburban with tinted windows that had stopped at the light (red to them).  The green light was in my favor, so I started making my way across the intersection when said suburban started moving forward into the bike lane almost on top of me.  The driver had apparently decided to scooch up to turn right on red.  I swerved to my right and avoided it, but sheesh!  Granted it would have been a slow collision, but suburban vs. bycicle no matter what the speed is not a good combo.  It was daylight and I was wearing a bright yellow reflective top.  I try to make eye contact in situations like this, but the tinted windows made that difficult.  Be careful out there!
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        Carol glad you were safe in that situation.  I love being vigilant and mindful of the cars out there when I am running, riding, or walking but hate that others are injured or worse in the stories that remind me to be safe.

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          Recently a cyclist in my state was mowed down by a car going at high speed from the other lane (i.e., going the other direction) -- it swerved across the road and ran him over.


          I don't think there is any "being safe" that protects you from getting run over by a car at high speed swerving across the road and hitting you, except staying off the roads entirely Sad

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            I used to ride on narrow roads all the time as a teen, but there's no way I'd do that now due to cell phones/texting.  The rail trail is my friend.