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    my friend and I wanted to do a longer than marathon distance..we both have run quite a few marathons but never more than 42.2k, so on Sunday(July 10) we set out for an epic(to us) long run...51.2k(this just happened to be the distance total for several different loops and an out n back from his place so we could fill up our bottles grab a gel..banana..watermelon slice etc.. between loops)

    Another friend joined us for the first 20k then we were on our own, with a very conservative pace(9min mile) we felt very comfortable for the first 30k, from 30 to 40k there was some fatigue but our spirits were high, energy levels were good and we were able to keep pace without much difficulity, the last loop though was going to be the real test, 40 to 45k not so bad..was getting hot though and we were definitely feeling it, the last 5 to 6 k we were both "digging in" ..very little chat going on those last kms..my bottle was already empty by the 45k..thankfully Chris was able to spare some of his for that last push, we continued on to the finish..holding pace..in a time of 4:35:12, 8:39min per mile pace. It was a pretty awesome expirence for the both of us(I should say the 3 of us..my running partner dog Ravi ran the distance with us!)


    here is a pic of us just as we near the "finish line"(Chris' driveway) Im the 180lb "Clydesdale" in black



    Here is Ravi, 11, catching some shade after the 51.2

      Very cool, congrats!  I intend to do an ultra someday, however, so far I have yet to finish a marathon and say "You know, that just wasn't quite enough running". 

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        That's further than I've ever run, very nice.


        No offense, but I'm most impressed that the dog lasted the whole way.  Wink

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          That's further than I've ever run, very nice.


          No offense, but I'm most impressed that the dog lasted the whole way.  Wink


            That's awesome! Great job for all runners involved. Big grin

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              No offense, but I'm most impressed that the dog lasted the whole way.  Wink


              No kidding.  Congrats on the long run, but that dog kicks ass.  I ran my sister's two huskies when I was dog sitting for her last month and one of them always seemed tired after 3.5.

                Did Ravi get bananas between loops too?

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                  That is so great for all three of you! I am just jealous your dog can run that whole time. We have a very large Chocolate lab who had to give up running completely in the last year, and we still have to hide him when my husband leaves to go on a run Sad  Enjoy every minute of those runs, for someday your running partner will run his last lap.

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                    Congrats! I too am amazed a dog could run a 50k+ distance. Furthest my dog could go was ten miles in the dead of winter and in the summer he can only go a mile or two. Now that you've done a 50k, 50 miles is next!

                      nice work -- very cool

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                        Thanks all for the comments...we are planning a 60km run in September, as for Ravi he will be joining us for that long run as well Smile


                        Ravi has been running with me since 2004, on average I run 1500-2000 miles per year, he has joined me on atleast 95% of all my training runs, a former sled dog when he was young..they would compete in races up north, he was the lead dog on a team of 5 ...would pull for 50km a day for three consecutive days, his musher(a friend of mine) retired him at 3 and asked if I would like to have him as a running partner, even days that I take off from running I often ride my mountain bike for 9miles and have him run along side me, even at 11yrs old he is strong as ever, not looking forward to the day he is no longer able to run with me..but it doesnt look like it will be anytime soon Smile

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                            Great job and I love that Ravi goes that distance with you. I had to laugh when you used the phrase "conservative pace of 9 mpm", that's heart attack territory for me! LOL Super.

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