Brooks ASR 7s - Beware the treads peeling off (Read 380 times)

    This was the third pair of Brooks ASRs for me.  I was glad to see the more aggressive treads with the new 7s.  However, this pair of shoes proved to be a big disappointment with the new treads.  After 50 miles, the front started peeling off both shoes as well as one spot underneath.  The exact same thing happened to my running partner as well.  We both returned them to the store for an exchange in hopes the problem is with the lot, not the model.  Between the two of us, two thumbs down for now.


    If any Brooks employees are reps monitor RA or use the site to log their own miles, this is my favorite shoe and between the Adrenaline GTSs and the Adrenaline ASRs, I've now bought ten pair.  Kindly consider looking into this.  Thanks!

      My adrenaline 10's do the same thing

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