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    A long time ago, I decided one of my goals would be to run a 5K in under 30 minutes (I was a sprinter and soccer player in my youth, not a distance runner). I never did it. A few months ago I had to give up my half-marathon training b/c I simply didn't have the time (again, speed really isn't my thing; I usually concentrate on survival). I consoled myself by deciding I would concentrate on getting faster and maybe, finally, breaking the 30 minute barrier. Today I did a hilly 5K race and finished in 29:29!!! I am so excited!

      WooHoo!!! Congratulations!!! Big grin

        One day at a time

          Way to go! That's my goal, too, so I think that's great.


            NICE! I hear you on the sprinting thing...I either go for short distances fast, or long ones slow...that stuff in the middle is yucko. I have pretty much sworn-off 5ks...and 10ks are next in line. Blush

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              Well done, Pogo! Congratulations!

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                Way to go! I am jealous - my goal too! (I am just too scared to test it again lest I be humbled. Blush ) I can just imagine how you feel. Hearty congratulations!

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                  Pogo is the king for the day. Or Queen. You deserve it.
                  Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn