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    It would be nice if the intervals for a workout listed the per mile pace for each of the intervals.  


    Lots of coaches and training plans recommend running XYZ distance at 5k pace.  It would be nice to see the results of those efforts and how close you were to the target pace.


    Obviously, I could do the math myself -- but isn't that what computers are for?


    I can imagine that some might prefer the 5k projected total, rather than per mile (21:00min/5K vs 6:50/mi), but then you'd have to know what race-pace they were targeting.  Per mile seems the common denominator except for very short races -- then again most of users seem to be post-highschool, so not sure when they'd run 200m during a race.


    For those of think the screen is cluttered enough, maybe an option to hide/reveal the column.



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      Doesn't it do that now? 


      Here's a cut'n paste from a recent interval workout. Pace for the interval is the 5th column.


       TypeDistanceTimeTotal TimePaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
      2 Interval 0.5 mi 3:28.66 8:21.61 6:58      
      3 Rest 0.36 mi 3:00 11:21.61 8:20      
      4 Interval 0.5 mi 3:33.67 14:55.28 7:08      



      Since this set was imported from my Garmin, maybe the Pace column is only there for the GPS imported interval workouts?


      mta: I just manually created a run workout entry with manually entered intervals, and it calculated and showed the pace for each interval. So it's not GPS specific.

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      Interval Junkie --Nobby

        Ah!  It's just not on the 'edit' screen.  I so rarely look a workout through the "view" screen, I never noticed the difference. 


        This will work.  Thanks.

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          I would like to combine both the view and edit pages some day, although I'm not sure how it would work or look.  They are separate right now because it's easier to do and keeps the pages clean.


          I added the ability to specify your own split distance.  For example, if you set auto lap at every 1 mile, the new feature will allow you to see what your 5k splits are.  It won't be available until the next major release because I made lots of internal changes for the next major release and this change was easier to do with these changes.

          Interval Junkie --Nobby

            Thanks, Eric.


            btw: is there a "roadmap" of RA's future somewhere?

            2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals

              Yes, but it's not publicly accessible.  Don't want to announce all my good ideas Wink