New Course Map creation issue (Read 20 times)


    Browser:  Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

    OS: HP Stream Laptop 14 -ax0XX


    I recently started using this website 6 weeks ago to create and log my running schedule for XC.  I never ran into issues with creating my own routes to run until today.  I pulled up the 'New Course' tab and started mapping out my run starting from a run that I broke off from - so I wanted to find out the distance I ran instead of the normal course distance planned.  It took approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute of creating the route before the map started glitching out.  The screen for the map would distort by part of the map not being visible whenever I tried clicking on the next point on the road where I was mapping for my run.  Normally the map will start showing a white screen on part of it, and then once I tried clicking back or 'Undo', and clicking again to correct the white screen, it would continue after each click until the whole map is white and I am unable to see where I'm mapping because the lines connecting the points of the run would disappear including the ones created before the map glitched out.  I refreshed my browser, closed the browser and tired again, and everything in between and I am still having the same issue within 30 seconds to 1 minute of starting the route creation.

    Hope this helps and thanks!

      I've always thought doing just about anything with Edge is potentially perilous. This may not be your problem; if so, forgive me for jumping in with this.

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