Biggest mileage month (Read 854 times)

    Nice work fella.

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      Wow, that's amazing! I just finished my first month and had just a hair over 10% of what you did. Thanks for giving me something to work towards for a WHILE!

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        Nice job, Mikey! Are you planning to take down some of those 2004 PRs of yours? You should! I was happy because I just got my first 200-mile month, myself!
          Good for you. Impressive number. I topped out at 221.2 mi for my best month ever.

          You'll ruin your knees!

            wtg, idiot.

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              Wow, that's a ton of miles! Nice job!!
                Congrats Mikeymike! I was about to post almost this exact thread - I hit 337 miles for August which is the biggest by far I have ever done. Maybe one day I also will hit a full scovill (not likely)! Did some 80 mile weeks and am on the way to the elusive 100mile week. Knock on wood.


                  Congrats Mikey. A fantastic month for sure. Punching the clock, every day is how runners get more talented.

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                    Mikey, I have a feeling you will be waiting quite a while for me to show up and buy you that beer after BayState. You are going to crush your PR. Way to work.

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                      a full scovill huh? I thought we determined that it's merely a bell pepper. Smile Great work Mikey and get after it again in Sept!
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                        135.9 in August.... my biggest month. Might have made it to 150 but I had a half on Labour Day (that's Canadian spelling) So if a full jscovill (605.2 miles) is pure capsaicin at 16,000,000 scoville units. That puts my top month (135.9 miles) around Standard U.S. Grade pepper spray at 3,592,861.86 scoville units. I'll take pepper spray.