P90x - any experience out there? (Read 1256 times)



    A couple of folks at work have been doing the P90x program with some positive results.  Most have changed their diets as well as their activity levels - which has helped them lose weight and build their energy levels.  not sure how much of it is the exercise and how much is the program.


    My wife and I are considering giving it a try - but I was wondering if anyone here has any experience (good or bad) with the program?


    How about intergating it with a running program?  I have put about 1000 miles per year in over the past couple of years and would like to keep that up.  Looking at P90x as something to keep me busy in the winter months (when running can somtimes be a challege) and as a cross training activity during the more running-friendly weather.



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      Foobs, to allow you to avoid all the nonsequitorial commentary about evil corporations in the other thread, I'll answer you here.


      I am about a 3rd of the way done with P90x.  Doing it for the first time with my spouse.  I'm also trying to run about 30 miles per week while doing the program.  This is a decrease in mileage for me.  I find I can get the miles in no problem, but I lack either the motivation or extra energy for any speedwork.


      I ran my 1st, 2nd and 3rd marathons in 2009, and was looking for a change of pace.  So far, I am really liking P90x.  I can already see an improvement in my strength and my looks.  I have no interest in losing weight, so I have been following the nutrition plan, but not with any serious dedication.  My spouse is also not that concerned about losing weight, but has lost some weight anyhow and seeing some improvement, too.


      The guy who leads the exercises, Tony Horton, is seriously ADHD, so he can either annoy the hell out of you or make you laugh.  There's a ton of hard sell on the website and in the literature about supplements and blah blah that you can ignore.


      I think it retails for around $120.  I just got on ebay a few times until I found it for $65, no shipping.  You can also get a good deal on craigslist.  So far, I am glad I am doing it, and will probably keep a few of the workouts in my rotation when I am done with the 90 days.


        Thanks for the advice sruiz and thanks to Trent for pointing out the other thread.



          I have been wanting to try the program for awhile but was always to busy with my running goals. I got injured after my marathon last Oct and haven't been able to run so I figured this would be a better time than any to try.


          I am on the tail end of week 4 and I am loving it!!  I'm following the nutrition plan as well but I follow the portion option because I simply can not find the time to cook as much as the meal planner suggest(I'm a tuna out of the can kind of guy).


          I started out at 12% bodyfat and after 4 weeks I have lost roughly 1% BF and gained some girth on my bicepts and shoulders. Honestly this is saying A LOT because I have tried all types of diets over the years in attempt to bring out that 6 pack, to no avail.


          My history includes running and weight traiing for the last 5 years and I was pretty fit coming into this. With that said, let me point out that it is not a beginner routine. You basically work out really hard for 60-90 minutes, 6 days per week. I came into this thinking I would rip though the workouts, but I was quickly humbeled. For me P90X is really helping me get through this injury because I am not only maintaining fitness, I feel like I'm gaining fitness in many area's. Haveing a structured plan with specific goals is helping me deal with the mental aspect of being injured; it kind of reminds me of marathon training.


          The biggest drawback is Tony Horton himself. Trust me you get sick of him....fast. Once you learn the DVD's you can just mute the TV and listen to you IPOD. I basically just workout and use the DVD to keep pace.


          I swear the core synergystics DVD was created for runners. That DVD alone is worth the price!

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            Just wanted to pop in and say I got a tiny (5 second) 5k pr on Saturday.  Day 37 of p90x training, lower mileage than usual.  I suspect that the strength training that I am doing regularly for the the first time is a large part of it.  I found the hills in the race to be relatively painless.  I am pleased, because I was expecting to be slower coming off less running.

              I did P90X about this time last year.  It was phase 1 of my marathon PR phase.  I knew the best I could do is quallify for Boston, so I used P90X to lose nearly 20 pounds (I thought I only had 10 to lose).  During this time, I did not run at all.

              Then I did the Pfitzinger Training plan for 24 weeks and qualified by an enormous six seconds!

              I give P90X its due credit for getting me in a different kind of shape to run my best marathon.  Now my only problem is I need to run a triathlon because I can't imagine doing any better in the marathon.