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Burninated Peasant

    Back when I used to work for Motorola, I submitted a request that they create a running watch/mp3 player that would pair with a phone to track workouts in real time with sites like RA.  Looks like they finally listened to me, and threw in heart-rate monitoring headphones to boot:

    http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=9102&p=4451.  I won't be trying it anytime soon, since I'm a tightwad and I also have to let some injuries heal before I can put any real mileage in again, but I'd be interested in hearing how this works for anyone that actually acquires one.


      I'd be curious if it would sync with RA.  The promo info only states that it passes the data off to Motorola's new running log.  Boo.


      I got a little excited about it until I hit the dirt this morning on a trail run in the dark.  My Garmin 305 hit pretty hard and was no worse for the wear.  I'm sure the ACTV would have been smashed into bits.

      Burninated Peasant

        I assumed there would be some way to extract a .gpx or something.  Plus, since it is an android device, it's only a matter of time before someone roots it and makes it customizable.


          I think this thing will be awesome....for *some* people anyway.  Hope they listen to the communities and make it downloadable to any log.

            An in-depth review of the device is up on the DCRainmaker blog. Really interesting product. I don't run with music, but alot of folks do. Garmin really has some competition now with products like this and the Timex Run Trainer - should lead to better options for all of us down the road.

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