School is starting, this video can help people earn better grades (Read 101 times)

    Last semester a lot of my classmates who were doing terrible in my history class asked me how I did so well.  It was a 100 person class and only 5 people earned A's (myself included).  I am not a rocket scientist, I just used some simple strategies that I learned while going through college.  I think these same methods can be used for anyone really, and if they DO THEM... they might actually see some improvements on the report cards.

    It is just me on the video, I am not selling anything. I made this video to help the people who needed my help in class and I thought maybe some people on here go to high school, college, or have kids in school.  Feel free to share, hope it helps Smile




    How to be a better student    <---- you tube link

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      You did good, bro.  I think I might have to make my kids watch your video.  Well done.

      - Joe

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        Excellent job, Oakley!  I see you targeted an "A", then went and took it.

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          You're ahead of the game.


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