Any Ontario runners? (Read 414 times)


    Can't seem to find any current threads from the old CR folks...or a RunningAHEAD Ontario group.

    Go Pre!

      Hey! I'm from Toronto as well as several others (Needy, ArneParne, tuf_aint_enuf, JasonR) Welcome to RR! Dave
        I'm from Toronto, too. Welcome to runningahead. This place is awesome. It appears that the brains behind this site, Eric Smile, is a techno - GOD and the folks here are very nice. There are also some CR user groups if you want to join them. Ruth

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          Welcome to RA. Toronto runner here too..... I don't believe there is an Ontario group..... but there are a few Ontario members kicking around. Jason
            Me too...

              I'm an Ontario, Coolrunning refugee here too.....out in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Mike
                I'm from the Newmarket area, just north of the centre of the universe, but out of the smoke. Simon.

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                  I'm from Toronto, Scarborough to be more precise. I'm new here, I was new on C R as well and we see what happened there Big grin. I like running the Highland creek trails although they are dodgy in the winter months as they are not cleared of snow or Ice. Currently they are great, no snow. Smile

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