Never developed Aerobic Base? Is it possible? (Read 144 times)

    I had the thought... do you think it's possible that someone could go through life without ever developing much of an aerobic base?


    perhaps higher heart rate exercise would develop some?


    but looking back at my track background, I did almost no base building, or lower heart rate work...


    So aside from walking around my daily life, and of course in college, there was lots more walking than I do nowadays.


    As an article pointed out to me recently, from 5k to 50k....these races are mostly "aerobic" so maximizing your aerobic system should pay bigger dividends than only doing hard intervals, etc... or putting more % of time into the anaerobic parts of training than the aerobic.


    Speaking for myself, I'm thinking my aerobic system was never that developed, hopefully focusing on this will pay some dividends..

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      I think it's more than possible--it's the norm. The huge majority of normal people never come close to fully developing their aerobic system.

      Runners run.


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        I absolutely agree!  I have run, recreationally, in years past, and just recently am returning to running, but after doing my own reading on low heart rate training, and trying it out, this is what I've concluded.  Everyone around me tells me I'm very fit, but, based on my work lately, I'm not very aerobically healthy.  It was pretty shocking, to be truthful, but I think lots and lots of us sit too much and try to work out too hard when we DO work out.  Low HR training is quite humbling!

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          I stumbled on MAF (Dr. Maffetone and his HR training) because I was having heart rate issues and needed to keep mine low.  Granted I'm slow as molasses in winter but I walk 50ks and except for a little Galloway type run/walk I keep mine in what's considered aerobic or also known as the fat burning zone.  I've been injury free for several years now.

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            I think it’s called crossfit

            I had the thought... do you think it's possible that someone could go through life without ever developing much of an aerobic base? 


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              Not sure if the Crossfit comment was a joke or not?  Anyway, anaerobic, interval type training most certainly does develop an "aerobic" base as well (as discovered by Dr. Tabata in his landmark study).  Until deciding to train for an ultra, I've never been much of a runner.  I have always been very fit and at any time in my adult life could bang out a 10k at a decent pace and complete a 10mi run.


              Will it develop an aerobic system that can sustain long endurance activities like a marathon...particularly without injury?  Nope.


              The average American though probably does go through life without ever developing any sort of baseline fitness level (aerobic or in any other attribute). I sometimes get depressed observing all the soft, weak people everywhere...especially the ones in their early twenties.  Sad.