Interruption in Base-Building - how to proceed? (Read 469 times)


    Hello all -

    I am registered for the Wineglass Marathon on September 30th and, therefore, working to re-build a solid base of miles before my training officially begins in mid-June. It will be my 9th marathon, so I'm not new to training and running. I had a decent Spring with a 1:40:07 PR in my April half-marathon. The plan I devised for Wineglass is a la Hudson's training principles and design. It starts at ~50 MPW and peaks in the mid 70s, which is a little bit more than I am accustomed to for marathon training. So far in 2012 I've run ~700 miles, which included some time off to treat peroneal tendonitis. 


    OK, now on to the question at hand. I need to have an outpatient procedure on May 30th to cut out some cancer. The procedure is relatively painless, but the recovery requires no physical activity for 2 weeks. How should I manage the mileage leading up to the 30th and when I return to running in mid-June? 


    I ran 40 miles last week, with the longest run being 11 miles. I'm looking at about 44-45 MPW this week, with the longest run being 11-12. Originally I was planning on simply building up to 50 MPW and holding it there before my plan begins on June 11th. Now, I'm considering building up to 50 MPW or more sooner than planned so that I have a higher base going into surgery & recovery. Thoughts????



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      Base building is a long-term thing, not a short-term one.  The difference in a few miles per week before the surgery is noise in the grand scheme of things....as is a couple weeks off.  Just be careful your first week back as things may tighten up a little bit and need to be reminded what it's like to run every day.


      In other words, don't sweat it.  Run until surgery as usual, recover, then start running again.  September is a long ways off.

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        FWIW, I'd also kinda "taper" for the surgery, just to make sure your immune system isn't weakened.

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