1000 is in my grasp -- what makes sense for next year?? (Read 1011 times)


    Chris, Well done, I've followed a similar pattern to you ( I'm only 15 miles behind you ) see you at 1000.

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      Way to go! Very impressive mileage across the whole year Shocked Congrats on a great year - and I hope you can reach your 1000 goal. Most of the weeks in my year graph looks like your first few weeks of your year.... Sad

      See how they run...

        I agree with the others, I'd shoot for 100 miles per month. I was in the 1000 mile group this year (hit my goal on November 6) and will be aiming for the 1200 group next year with hopes to blow it out of the water if I consistently hit my weekly mileage goals for my next marathon. Congrats on the consistency!! Sometimes that is the hardest part.
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