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    I have had this pain before and it isn't related to running, but it is getting worse with the longer I run. I have been to the doctor, but he's only a general practitioner and before I went to a sports doctor, I thought I would ask if anyone else knew what might be going on. I think what happened is I either pulled a muscle in my left shoulder about three years ago and it never healed properly, or it is overuse because those are the muscles I use at my job. Now, it tightens and cramps up. I can massage it and it will go away, but that is hard to do while running. Besides, it always comes back about five minutes later. The doctor said to have a heat pad on it for thirty minutes every day and do stretches. I did that and all it did was make me able to move my neck all the way it is supposed to (it got that bad), but did not further improve. I haven't seen a sports doctor yet because I am not sure if that is the right type of person to go to, or if I should see a chiropractor or what. Does anyone know what this might be? I always stretch everything before and after my runs, but it has not been a preventative or a help after it has already occured.
      Yep, it sounds like a specialist is the way to go. When you shop around (and I really reccommend you shop around!) try to find someone that specializes in shoulders. Different docs specialize in different things, and while someone who specializes in knees could probably help you with your shoulder, you're more likely to get a good result with a shoulder specialist. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon!

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        You might ask your GP is he/she can make a recommendation or referral to a shoulder specialist.
          I'd like to know what you find out, because I have the same problem. It has been acting up for two weeks now and I have been too stubborn to seek help.