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    So I ran my first race in over 2 years yesterday--the Run for All Ages 5K in Wakefield, MA. It was windy as hell (30 MPH with gusts up to 50, for real) and I had no warm-up due to a scheduling mess up by my wife. I had planned to jog the 2 miles from my house to the start as a warm-up but that didn't work out so I wound up driving *very quickly* pulling into the parking lot on two wheels, finding the place to pick up my number, literally pinning it on (crooked) as I ran to the starting line and jumped into the pack of people lined up at the start about 15 seconds before the gun. I don't recommend that as a pre-race protocol. There was also a bit of a cluster at the finish when I caught up to the womens winner and was passing her on her right shoulder--but the race officials didn't want me on her right, they wanted me on her left because they were setting up the tape on the right under the finish line clock. So, obeying their instructions, I dropped back and went around behind her and came up way to her left so I would not be in the frame of any finish photos. So given the wind and the pre-race fire drill and everything else, I was very pleased to run 18:14 for 6th. There happened to be a good group of guys (and one gal) to run with, which was really fun for my first race in a while. It's always fun to race people instead of things getting really strung out and turning into a big time trial. Mile Collector: I bumped into Frank Row and Andy Merlino who both ran in that lead pack along with a bunch of MVS guys and some others. Andy I and did a jog down and he was trying to recruit me to run the winter all-comers meets at the BU indoor track. Unfortunately they are all Saturday mornings otherwise I would love to run some track this winter.

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      Hey, WTG, Mike! Even with all of the pre-race stress you did awesomely! Big grin k

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        Great run, Mike! I can only imagine your time if you'd had the opportunity to warm up, no wind, etc.
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          Nice run, Mike! Think you'll do another one soon?

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            Nice run, Mike! Think you'll do another one soon?
            Thanks! I'm running a Half in 2 weeks, so this was to see where I was fitness-wise. As for another 5K, I'm not sure. Road racing season is starting to wind down here and I'm really limited as to when I can race with my kids schedules, so I might have to wait until Spring. This one just worked out perfectly, being at noon on a Sunday and 2 miles from my house.

            Runners run.

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              Excellent job Mike! Not too shabby for your first race in two years! Wished I was there but I was too tied up with cramming a week's worth of chores into one day Sad Leave it to Andy to recruit you so soon. But then, it's not often that we get to run with you. We need more people like you in the club.