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    I have a buddy who was struck by a box truck while cycling in August 2010.  The truck basically pulled very slightly ahead of him as they were both doing ~25mph, then turned right and across his path.  He was dragged ~70yds under the truck (which sped up to ~30mph while dragging him, according to the GPS data!).  While pinned under the truck, he was grabbing onto anything for dear life, including the drive shaft, to keep from being taken under the rear wheels or having his torso crushed.  His right knee and left ankle were ground to the bone, requiring multiple skin grafts.  The truck's tires also ran over his quads and hip, and he suffered two cracked ribs and a fractured vertebra.


    Today, fifteen months later, he competed in the Ford Ironman in Florida.  1:06 Gulf swim, quick transition, 5:31 ride, 5min T2, and a 4:49 marathon -- 11:40:27 total.

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      Wow, that's absolutely mind blowing. Congrats to your friend, not only on the Ironman (which by itself is huge) but for simply bouncing back from all that. That really is inspiring.  

        Holy shit that first paragraph was a hard read. The second short one was just fantastic. He IS the Honey Badger.

        Feeling the growl again

          Holy hell.  I'd be impressed with the ironman time, even without the first part.


          I'm glad he's recovered so well and so quickly.

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            Holy shit that first paragraph was a hard read. The second short one was just fantastic. He IS the Honey Badger.


            No joke!  Wow... Shocked

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              wow.  Resilency is an amazing thing.  Your friend is incredible!

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                Wow Clive! That's incredible! Huge congrats to him, and as Spaniel said, even WITHOUT being hit by a truck, that's a great time!