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    Wonderful service you are providing for us here, thanx. Now please pardon my ignorance, but is it possible to search the forums? If it is, I can't seem to find how...........if it's not then never mind. Thanks again, Kyle
      Hi Kyle, If the forums have a search function, you'll be able to find several requests asking for the exact thing. Big grin It doesn't have one, so you have my permission to keep bugging me until I do. I haven't had a chance to add it and I've been meaning to do so but I get sucked into other side projects. It's actually a little tricky to do, but I'll do it soon because the forums are big enough that they need one. eric Smile

        Ok, that's fine. I am grateful for this free service, so any improvements you make are appreciated. Happy new year. Kyle
          I have used Google to search the site by using the "site" keyword. For example, you can type in: interval training site:runningahead.com In the Google search field. However, the results are no longer valid since the changes in the page urls. We'll have to wait until Google indexes the site again. - R
            I changed the URLs of the links just for this reason. Google (and perhaps other search engines) do not like dynamic pages. A dynamically generated page is an URL containing data needed by the web server to generate the page. One example of a dynamic page that you've seen on this site is probably a link to your log, which looks something like: www.runningahead.com/log.aspx?eid=id. In this example, the data is the "eid=id" part. Although Google indexes these pages, they may not show up if you search for them in Google. By converting all the links to what's called search engine safe (SES) URLs, Google can do a better job at indexing them. Although the links still doesn't make much sense to you, Google can't tell that is a dynamic link. Once Google indexes all the pages, it will be much easier to search for information.
              Great to know. Thanks!