Your favorite running-related gift? (Read 813 times)

    A new outer-layer jacket and Wind-Pro tights. Plus, two gift certificates for my favourite specialty running store.

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        My fave gifts were my new winter tights, hat, gloves and UA Cold Gear Turtleneck. Love 'em all!!

        Now that was a bath...

          Trent - seriously - I am lost for words.
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            I definitely had a running/biking gift xmas too! -Road ID -Reflective ankle bands - Reflective/blinking arm band - New clipless pedals for my bike and a gift certificate to the bike sohp to get new cycling shoes (not a running gift but a definite favorite) - Lots of running socks But I think my favorite is an entrance into the Nantucket Rock Run, a 50 mile beach run done by a team of 5 with my new female in-laws. My MIL signed us up and gave everyone a Nantucket hat and T-shirt to train in. Such a cool gift, and it will definitely motivate me to get my running butt in gear! I also think I will be buying myself an after Christmas gift of a hydration belt Wink
              I got a wet suit for when it rains. Granted, it doesn't rain much in Tucson, but I will not always be in Tucson.
                I got my favorite gift already before Xmas - at the Xmas dinner of my running club. Every year our sponsor provides 6 vouchers for running equipment. They are given as a gift to three female and three male runners of our club that had a particular impact on club performance in the past year. This year I have been chosen to get one of them - although it was only my second year of running ... I'm really proud about that Blush !! Will buy a new pair of shoes. I got also a set of maps showing the different trails in the karst - a really particular or even unique landscape, I like very much to run there. So I can try new courses "off-road" in the hills and woods outside of the city without getting lost Wink.

                ... keep on running ... ... and ciao, ciao Regina


                  My favorite gift I bought myself - Brooks Nightlifeâ„¢ Jacket http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B0009BQSRE/ref=dp_image_text_0_0/103-7015006-2701400?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&img=0&color%5Fname=default When I run at night now I have no trouble being seen by drivers. It's so much better than any other reflective gear I've ever had. I'm still a little afraid of the wildlife around here but I pretty confident I won't get run over.
                    I also bought a Garmin 205 for myself. Can't wait for it to arrive. Smile