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    I never post ... but I am feeling great and my work mates think I am nutz already -- I am sure some of you can appreciate a good run ... so here's my story. I am doing my first 1/2 marathon [Philly] in Spet and first Marathon in Nov [NYC.] I have been running in earnest for some time and traiing in the heat is mostly a drag -- as I am sure most of you know. So this is the tail of good news / bad news ... the good news -- this is probably the best long run that I have ever had. Nipples taped up / held up -- feet felt great in the bigger shoes ... weather was perfect. I slept like crap as I always do before a long run --- i need to figure out a way not to get so anxious regarding same. Despite the lack of sleep, the result of the other factors was a kick ass run -- fast and consistent. Here's the bad news ... I map all of my distances on mapmyrun.com ... I have this run at 10.1 miles ... I wore a Garmin and it came to 9.7 miles. The only thing I can think is that this course has about 40 turns on it and maybe the map is the middle of the street and when you run you "cut the corners" and shorten your distance. When I run at the beach i know those distances are pretty accurate b/c I have mapped in my car as well. They are also very straight ... 5-6 miles straight north and then the same rte south ... these home course that i map wind through all of these residential neighborhoods. [So I am afraid that I may have been "shorting" a bunch of my runs.] Bottomline --- i am getting faster and stronger -- smelling the coffee! [I am not yet saying that I can maintain that pace for 26.2 miles … but I think the ½ in Sept will be a good test run.] I FEEL GREAT and have managed to waste an hour screwing around on this website!

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      Here's the bad news ... I map all of my distances on mapmyrun.com ...
      That is bad news. You should upgrade to a superior website, might I suggest runningahead.com? Big grin If you upload your Garmin's data to motionbased.com, you might see a minor correction on the distance. The basic membership is free. There really isn't all that much time between now and November, you're going to want to ramp up your mileage as much as possible. I would place more emphasis on distance rather than speed, slowing down will let you cover more miles. Covering 26.2 gives you a pretty good pounding, every mile you get in between now and then will prepare muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc for the punishment. You have to listen to your body carefully though, bumping mileage too quickly greatly increases your chance of injury during your training. Don't never post, RAer's don't generally bite unless they're asked to do so. Best of luck to you slimbo!

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        Congratulations on the run and feeling good during it, slimbo. That's quite an accomplishment. A lot of wisdom to what BadDawg had to say too with respect to mileage vs. speed and building your mileage gradually. I'm a victim of not doing so and am still nursing a recovering stress fracture from training for and running my first marathon back in April. Continued success and good luck!

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          been thinking about the dogs comments for a couple of days ... let me say, I certainly recognize that I am a ways away from Nov 2 but it is literally on my mind 24 / 7 ... i have a training program that tappers my long runs [13.5 this Friday] coupled with hills and fartlegs. I captained by XC team in HS 20 years ago then spent the next 19 figuring out innovative ways to consume frosty malt beverages. I was 260 in January ... i was overly fired-up on Friday AM as that was literally the best [mentally and physically] long run that I have ever done. However, I am extremely aware of the fact that I have a long, long way still to travel. It's just way - way more fun now than it was 8 months ago. I appreciate your advice and kind words ... and thanks for letting me get away with some self indulgence on occassion.

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            ... and thanks for letting me get away with some self indulgence on occassion.

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