Knee and leg pain? (Read 317 times)

    I began having some minor right knee soreness last week.  The pain seemed to be on the inside, and it hurt when I tried to do a straddle stretch.  It felt better Saturday, so I did my 5 mile easy run on the paved track.  Felt fine afterwards.  Sunday--I had pain in my knee and the back of my leg.  The pain in the back of my leg is part of the hamstring, more towards the outside, down to where it attaches to the knee.  It hurt to walk and I couldn't even swing my leg correctly.  It felt like it cramped every time I bent my knee.  I iced it and took ibuprofen.  Monday was bad, too.  I iced it again and then wrapped it with castor oil and a leg warmer all night.  It feels better now, but I'm wondering what it could be and how long to stop running.  It feels ok on the elliptical and bothers me minimally walking on the treadmill (as of Tuesday.)

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      I'm certainly not a doctor, but some of this sounds similar to my knee issues, and I've been diagnosed with Runner's knee.  Keep icing it daily, maybe look into some quad and hamstring strengthening exercises, and if it's still bugging you, get it checked out!

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        I only did 5 min bike and 5 min elliptical, with a little weights in between today.  I noticed that doing hamstring curls hurts my knee a lot.  I feel the pain on the inside part of the right knee and just to the left of the knee cap in the front.  I wanted to make sure to keep all the muscles in my legs strong, so I did adductor/abductor, leg curl and quad extension, and core exercises.  I am still not planning to run again until at least Saturday.


        Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

          You want to do single leg squats without moving forward  I call them split leg squats. Other good exorcizes that I would do would be for both your inside and outside hip areas (sides)

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            Do not run untill the pain stops.

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