Trouble connecting to satellites (Read 396 times)


    When I first used RunningAHEAD I didn't have any issues with connecting to the satellites.  However, the last few times it's either connected during my run or it's been unreliable for accuracy.  Any hints on connecting better to the satellites?  I'm using Verizon Wireless and a Samsung Continuum phone.

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      RunningAhead doesn't directly use any GPS or satellite technology -- it consumes data from other devices (like Garmin) that do that.

      Are you perhaps asking about the HandyRunner android app?  Handy Runner is developed by an independent developer, who happens to be a RunningAhead user named Derek. You can send him a private message here on RA to find out how he supports Handy Runner.

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        I was thinking "longer cable"  Roll eyes


          I don't know the internals of Handy Runner,only the developer knows that, but I do use Handy Runner on my phone.  Since it's an Android app, I assume it uses the Android location api.  Satellite connection details are mostly hardware, i.e. your phone itself.  The accuracy is a function of the hardware.  The software can do some 'tricks' to minimize errors, like taking sequential reads and discarding intermediate reads with large displacements (to avoid zigzagging) but it can't make up for hardware inaccuracies and it is completely dependant on what the api tells it.


            Only problem with the cable is the whole tripping thing! 


              I figured it out....my phone was having issues connecting to the satellites and not the HandyRunner application.  Thanks for the help.