Training for a Marathon with a break in training (Read 534 times)


    Hi there, I just completed my first half marathon (SF second 1/2) and am in a running group that is training for the Silicon Valley Marathon in Early Nov. I am not going to run the Silicon Valley, but am aiming for the California International in early december. In Oct, I will miss three long runs (2 and a half weeks running)... I will be away, and will be hiking, and walking a lot, but won't necessarily have the time to train explicitly, certainly not for 20 miler runs. So, My plan is to follow my running groups training plan up until I leave, and then when I return just do the last six weeks again for the December race (this will include a long 23 miler, and the taper). Do you think I will lose the training I have had while I am away? Does this sound like a good approach?
      To answer your questions, yes, I think you will lose some of your training while away. And, no, I don't think this is a good approach. That said, I confess I had a similar situation recently, and missed the entire 3rd week of my 16 week training plan because I was on a canoeing trip. If your goal is to finish, I think you'll be fine as long as you make up the 3 long runs that you plan to miss when away. Hope this is helpful. What training plan are you using?
        You'll be fine. The break might even do you good. You might not be making the same gains as you would have, but you shouldn't lose much fitness, especially if you can squeeze in a run or two--and if you put together a good stretch of running between now and October with your group. As for following the schedule when you get back, well, schedules are made to be broken, so listen to your body and do what you think is best. Logging the miles is more important than following the schedule. Good luck! Modified to add: I guess I disagree with Ken...and while I'm at it I'll disagree more and tell you not to worry so much about the long runs, but more about the overall volume of training...and definitely don't try to make them up--you'll be risking injury.

          I am going to be making up those long runs. Since the race that I am doing is 4 weeks after the one I am training with my running group for, I will be basically picking up where I left off, not skipping any weeks of the training. The last 6 weeks will be separated from the previous 22. Does this make sense? I am using a training plan from USAFIT. I run with the San Jose Fit group.
            Yeah, I get what you're saying. I think Jeff and I don't really disagree that much on this. I think you will be fine. Let us know how the training goes, and, enjoy your trip!