Plantar Fasciitis Tendon help (Read 74 times)

    O.k. folks. First off, please don't laugh at me. This is a serious problem (I think)

    I do not have plantar fasciitis (at least I don't think I do).

    What I have is random tightening of that area at times, but often when I am swimming. The bottom of my foot, around the arch will hurt.

    I have been a swimmer my whole life and I have issues with it when I do flip turns. It's something about the force from pushing off the wall that causes the pain and what feels like tightening of the tendon. There is some pain involved, but it usually goes away within 1-5 minutes at most.

    It will also hit at random times just walking around at work, and sometimes even when I am sitting on the couch watching t.v.

    When it tightens up, I'll massage the bottom of my foot (if possible) or try to stretch it out on anything close (curbs, steps, etc.) and that usually alleviates the pain.


    So that's my problem. My question is are there any exercises or stretches or anything that anyone may suggest to help prevent these issues? I know that it's the tendon that is tightening up, but it isn't tight all the time.


    Does this sound like plantar fasciitis symptoms? or could it be the sign of a more serious psychological disorder?


    Thanks for the help!

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      Do you stretch your feet - achilles and arches - before swimming? (ie., standing with palms flat against the wall, barefooted with one heel on the floor and toes against the wall for about one minute each foot). This could help relieve the discomfort by warming up and strengthening your feet. I can tell the difference sometimes when I don't do this before a run and get the same symptoms.


      I think Plantar F. is usually located more near the bottom or rear of the heel. In my case it caused a psychological disorder because I started running barefooted after developing PF...

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        Swimming causes resistance in both directions. This can make your foot hurt.