Group does not come up in the search (Read 51 times)

Karl Kaemingk

    I am trying to get new members into my Community User Group.  When they type the name (Long or Short) our group does not show up so no-one can join.  We are not listed in any category (High School etc.) either so it cannot be found that way.


    Any suggestion for a solution would be great.

      Hi Karl,

      Inactive groups are removed from the list.  Inactive groups are defined as groups that did not have new posts in the last 3 or 4 months.  If you make a post in your group, it'll reappear on the listing.


      BTW, I saw your email but didn't have a chance to reply until now.


      eric Smile

      Karl Kaemingk

        Thanks Eric! I will try that right now.