How many miles did you run in 2013? (Read 478 times)

Dwight 355

    2751 in 2013.  2400 in 2012.   Used the Pfitzinger 70 plan to train for my fall marathon.  Worked like a charm.



      How many miles did I run? Who knows? - No. Seriously, does anybody know? I was using Nike+ app to track my milage up till 2012. Then I switched to MapMyRun. Then in June I started using Garmin Connect. I love my Garmin GPS watch. I hated carrying my Samsung Note 2 phone as a GPS, especially once it got ruined by the rain. MapMyRun thinks I ran 1500. The best I can correlate is 1118 for 2013, so thats what I logged on RA.


      Looking forward to 2014. Better logging of the miles. More miles. I like the PaceBunny Widget too!

      RUN SAFE.     Barefoot 1st: 6/9/13. PR: 5k=22:50 10k=47:46 HM 1:51. FM 4:28 Oct 2015 joined RUN 169!


        1284.  Exceeded my goal of 1200.

        “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot

          1051 which is about average for me. I did notice that my average pace fell significantly this year, but I was doing quite a bit of running with DW, who is/was a relative newbie and training for her first 1/2 marathon.


          I really enjoyed helping her train, but it was admittedly painful to run 3 or 4 minutes per mile slower than I would've liked, but it probably also saved me a bit of wear and tear.


          If I  can get to the same mileage in 2014 but drop the pace back down where I'd like it, I'd be pleased.

            2535.2 my highest yet!



            Proud Calgarian

              3159 - disappointing


              Oh well, there's always 2014....

              2015 Goals and PRs:

              5k - 17:59 (18:05);  10k - 35:59 (36:42);   HM - 1:19:19 (1:19:59);   FM - 2:49:59 (3:05:46)