Southern Ontario: Missing Person (Read 431 times)

    Thanks for the update, didn't know they found the truck or how they knew about the tattoo.  I hope they find him soon.


    This whole case is so odd.  So it appears the real motive may have been an actual abduction, versus just stealing the truck?  And the criminal they caught was not some random thug, but appears to be from a fairly affluent family with some accomplishments of their own (age records for helicopter and fixed flight)?


    A good reminder to be very careful when dealing with people over the internet....I recently sold a truck via similar Craigslist method as well.  A good half of the replies I got were iffy enough not to respond.


    The case is very odd.  If I weren't personally close to it due to my brother's friendship with him, I'd express a lot of those same questions relating to motive.


    Yes, from what I understand, the criminal was from an affluent family with world records in flying airplanes and helicopters at a young age and was most recently a Baja off road Race Car driver.  The other criminals not yet found are likely also within that group of friends of his.


    Since they attempted a similar abduction the day before with that obese man, I tend to believe that they were just stealing the truck.  And that is very odd.  Why steal / abduct / harm a man when stealing a truck?  It would cause less alert to steal a vehicle if there is NOT a missing person associated with the vehicle!


    As it relates to KiJiJi, CraigsList, AutoTrader, and similar online sites..... Yes, be very careful if you sell online.  I've likely bought and sold over 100 items online through craigslist over the past 10 years, and I'll likely be scarred by this story to the point where I'll change my purchasing / selling methodology.

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      This will likely be my last update on this thread....

      They fournd his body.

      So far, they've arrested 1 of 3 or more of the murderers.




      Be careful when selling / buying online through Craigslist or similar websites.

      2016 Goals:

      #1: Do what I can do. <not doing well>

      #2: 1/2 Ironman (New Orleans, LAI) <DONE>


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        Oh no. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you, his family and his friends. Stuff like this doesn't usually happen around there.

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          I'm so sorry.

            I'm really sorry to hear that; that's awful news.

              Really sad that a person is killed for a truck or any other things.


                Ugh, so awful  Sad


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                  I am so sorry for his family and those of you who knew him.

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                    Such sad news this morning to hear. Wishing strength for his friends and family.

                    I had hoped for a different outcome, Brian.

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                      My sincere condolenses. I have been following the story for the last week as I live in Toronto. I was really hoping he would come home alive to his family.  My prayers and thoughts are with the family.





                        I am so very sorry.







                          Brian, I am so sorry.


                          The alleged murderer was CEO of a charter airline company?  Insane!

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                            So very sorry.  I was really hoping this would have a happier ending.  Jessica Heeringa is still missing and it doesn't really sound like there are any solid leads.  I have a horrible feeling that if she's found it will be under similar circumstances.  Brian, hugs to your brother and to the rest of Tim's loved ones.

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                              It's been a couple of months since I posted on this and I wasn't planning on posting any more. in this thread.


                              Quick update


                              From May, 2013, Ontario Canada:

                              Regarding Tim Bosma:  They arrested 2 people so far, and although the evidence points directly to them (truck on his property, body on his property, incinerator purchased by him, tattoo matching eyewitness account), both of them plead not guilty.  Sad story.  The ringleader murderer is a 27 year old, wealthy, CEO of an airline.

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                              #1: Do what I can do. <not doing well>

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                                I'm proud of Tim's wife and what she has gone through and what she is doing now.

                                She's a young woman, and she's going through a difficult time, but when I read this article yesterday, I realize how good the community surrounding her has been, and how mature she is in her response to this difficult situation.

                                2016 Goals:

                                #1: Do what I can do. <not doing well>

                                #2: 1/2 Ironman (New Orleans, LAI) <DONE>