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    I am sure in the past when I made a training plan I could both print it and add it to my apple calendar, however I can no longer find buttons to do these.


    Are these functions still available?


    Also is their anyway of changing the time you receive the daily email with todays training?


    Been using runningahead for a year now and it is brilliant. Thanks for such a great resource




      You download your training plan as an ICS which then can be brought into an Apple calendar as well as many other calendars.  To do this go to Training Log -> Training Plans.  Click on the plan title to open the plan in view mode.  You should see a Download ICS button at the top of the plan.  This button appears only in the view mode and not the edit mode.  You can print the calendar as a web page in the view mode.


      There is no way to change the time the email is sent to you.


        Brilliant thanks for the quick response