Cybex or Landice (Read 66 times)

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    I think that I'm down to these two treadmill brands, pros and cons please!

    Bring it on.


      I can only share my experience.  I'm sure Cybex makes fine treadmills, but I'm a Landice customer for life.


      Here's why:


      I had put 7,000 miles on my Landice L7 when the motor started to finally give out.  Landice gave me a new motor, rollers, bearings, and belt under their lifetime warranty and didn't charge me anything!  Smile


      Good luck!

      Feeling the growl again

        I am not familiar with the Cybex warranty, but if it does not match up to Landice I would say the decision is easy.


        Even if I knew quality were a bit less with the Landice, after my experiences with treadmills the lifetime warranty -- and reputation they have for honoring it well -- would win me over.

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        I fly.

          I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with Landice.  

          I've now tried out the Cybex, the Landice, the commercial grade Life Fitness and the Precor (not commercial grade).


          I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything... I didn't try the True treadmills, but I could go back if it's worth it.


          I also wanted to know if anyone owns a Star Trac and could give me their thoughts on it.  I know I've used one in the past at gyms, but I haven't seen any available for home sales at any of the stores I've been looking in.  Should I seek out one to try or just stick to the ones I've looked at...

          Bring it on.