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    So, I'm in High school, and the qualifying time for the 1600m in my division to go to the state meet is 4:48.  Since I was a freshman (ran a 9:04 mile PR that year, ouch) who ran the 400m in a blistering 68 seconds (my best freshman PR) I've wanted to run a 4:48.  That was the line, in my mind, when someone can be called fast.  Well, I've been training decently hard since then (20-50 mpw depending on the season etc.) and my senior season came and went without me running that time.  I did run a state qualifying time in the 3200m (10:26, the standard was 10:50) but that isn't what I was shooting for.  I was a bit disappointed.


    Well, three days before graduation, me and 3 other seniors headed down to the track to take one last shot at the 1600m, see who is the fastest etc....

    Me (4:55 1600m, 10:26 3200m) definitely the distance specialist, best 1600m pr of the field
    Steve Burke (2:02 800m relay split, 4:56i 1600m) a speedster, coming on strong the end of this track season.
    Evan Anway (2:06i 800m relay split, ~5:05 1600m) usually a hurdler who runs the 4x8, seeing what he could do in the mile
    Karl Roskamp (5:10 1600m) Runs the mile the most of the field, gutsy.

    Steve took it out in like 66 with me right on his shoulder (Evan and Karl are complete non-factors after about 100m). Then settled down to a 74 second lap and a 75 third lap. I took the lead around 500m to go and put a bit of distance on him, but he got me on the home stretch. 71 last lap for me, 70 for him.

    Steve 4:45 (11 second PR)
    Me 4:46 (9 second PR)
    Karl 5:12
    Evan 5:32


     I am now the proud owner of a sub 4:48 1600m time!

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      Congrats!  You've come a long way from 9:04.


      Do you find now that the "fast line" has shifted down to 4:30?  That's where I put mine when I did the 4:45 mile...which is still there as my PR 16 years later .

        Congrats! It's impressive you did that in a non meet setting.  Luckily you had a few witnesses!!

        Perhaps your best running is ahead of you... which IMO is the real point. 

          Congrats on the PR, that's a huge improvement over four years. I think it's better to start out slow because then there's nowhere to go but up. What state do you run in because I ran a 4:33 as a junior this last year and that's barely competitive for a runner in Illinois, I was 5th in my conference.

            Way to go!!!

            My best mile time when I was in 10th grade was 4:50........

            Marathon PR 3:25:23 http://26point2medals.com/metals.html
              Nice work.  Great story.  I think you'll remember this event for a long time.

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                thats awesome! This story is alot like mine. Ive only ran a 1600 under 4:40 once. But I'm a senior in high school currently, and live in Illinois. Here, it's really hard to get to state. If we want to get to state, we gotta run a 4:23....so that's wat ill be doing this winter lol.