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    I'm carrying this topic over from another web-site. We have had a similar thread going on there for years and have a strong group of dedicated, helpful, genuine and active runners who post daily!! I hope you all find your way over here to RA. Big grin


    My last run was a strong 4 miles out on my snowy country roads. It was not nearly so warm as Monday (it was 27 degrees)...back to the normal winter for us. Still, it was a beautiful sunny day in the Berkshire Mountains, and I killed my hilly 4 mile route. My goal is 20 miles for the week.


    27 degrees would have felt like a real heatwave here this morning. Dead

    Not dead. Yet.

      Decent 5 miler.  It was cold and windy.  I can't wait for it to warm up a bit.  With the wind chill it probably got as low as 50.  Not sure how I keep the motivation to get out there in that kind of weather.

      How can we know our limits if we don't test them?


        Seven miles in the cold and fog. Felt much colder than the 30° it was. So cold that my headlamp was stuck frozen to my hair!

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          knifey Running with friends is always so worthwhile though, slow or not. Right?!

          Red Bird and CeeDotA Brrrr. Back to the cold here as well. Good job "gettin' 'er done" though!


          sdizazzo 50 sounds pretty toasty to me.  Big grin All relative, I'm sure.

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            I'm new, but I'll join if you'll have me.  My last run was yesterday afternoon.  It was snowing and 30degF.  I enjoyed running in the snow, but had to slow my pace as the roads were slippery.  I still managed to complete my 3 mile easy run in 32 minutes.


              2+ hours of Battlestar Galactica on the treadmill. The miles weren't important.Big grin

              CT JEFF

                2+ hours of Battlestar Galactica on the treadmill. The miles weren't important.Big grin


                Nice! I tried Star Wars Trilogy, and it wasnt a good TM fit. Space Jam (kids were watching) actually worked better. lol. I was shooting for LSD yesterday, but after mile 2, wasnt able to play Words With Friends while running.

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                  2+ hours of Battlestar Galactica on the treadmill. The miles weren't important.Big grin


                  Hmm - I need a way of watching dvds at the gym... my wife has a new nexus 7 - I wonder if that'll play stuff from a usb dvd player?


                    7 miles 55 min in the rain. Been raining for 4 days.

                      Weather here has been dreary since Sunday.  The sun did peak out briefly this AM but clouds are back and snow expected overnite tonight.  Lots of mud and puddles to dodge on the run.  I managed 2 miles solo at 9min/mile.  Then stopped at home and leashed up my two dogs.  Covered 3.3 with dogs, but pace was much slower at almost 10 min/mile.  My border collie really needed to run, so he dragged my Aussie (2X his size) the entire run.  Now dogs and I are enjoying post run R&R.

                      Run safe and warm everyone!




                        Hmm - I need a way of watching dvds at the gym... my wife has a new nexus 7 - I wonder if that'll play stuff from a usb dvd player?


                        Not sure about the nexus 7 specifically but most tablets support mounting USB devices. I can mount a large 1TB usb drive to my tablet (Moto Xoom) and watch stuff from there if I want to, as long as the drive is FAT32 and not NTFS, but I'm too scared to put so many dangling stuff on top of the TM. Right now I do netflix on the tablet, it's the "cleanest" way as long as you have wifi.


                        I do suspect too many movies on TM is causing me neck aches though...


                        More cowbell!

                          My last run was 10K on New Year's Day.  I've been sidelined ever since with a stress rxn in the left medial malleous (anklebone).  No running until Feb 15th, which is interesting considering I'm leading a 1/2 marathon training group starting Feb 9th.  No worries!  Very thankful just to be out 6 weeks rather than potentially a whole season.

                          STILL HAVING FUN!!!


                            Great thread! Smile

                            My last run was 5.63 miles, an interval workout.  Big achievement for me, I ran (very slowly) all my recoveries instead of walking them.  Been working on that for a while!

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                              Hi Melody, DebM, JeffCT, and others. Ran my 4-mile progressive run yesterday in 28:55. Would like to get in 6 or 7 today. On TM, of course. Roads are snowy again.

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                                Hi there Deb, Jmsab, NHLA, JeffCT!!

                                Need to stay with my support group so gonna try this site.

                                Felt like I had a cold coming on (hubby is recovering from flu) so I decided to rest a couple of days.

                                Felt so much better this morning.

                                6 degrees here, icy and slick conditions which had me on the TM at the local club today.

                                Will be doing a double run today.

                                This morning, I ran 8 miles intervals, 1:18: incorporated one minute walk break after each mile;

                                15 minutes on elliptical, and 15 minutes core exercises.

                                Planning on running 4 - 6 miles later this afternoon.

                                And, finally found an awesome MT who knows how to get the kinks out of my poor sore muscles. Divine!

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