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    Hi guys, I'm wondering about how to properly calculate my heart rate. I'm a female with an average resting heart rate but after my run this morning I sprinted toward the finish line and my heart was 191. WOW. Shocked I'm pretty sure I should be lower. Any advice?? Has anyone else experienced this? Is this OK? I know about the general formula to calculate my target heart rate...do any of you follow this?? Should I be taking my heart rate during my run when I'm going easier? I'm just using a Champion watch where you place your finger on a button and it takes your pulse. Thanks so much! Rose

    My Little Pal

      I've trained with a HRM for 10 years and I swear by it. I had a device like you have and they are fairly accurate as long as you stop to do the test. What your max and resting HR's are isn't relavent to fitness but you need to know. Naturally, your resting HR will decrease as your cardiovascular system improves. 191 may not be an extreme number, depending on your age and current level of conditioning. Google "max heart rate test", do one, and learn what yours is. Then calculate your zones accordingly. If you're seriois about this, you should consider getting a Polar or similar device with the wrist receiver and chest transmitter. That way you can observe your HR while in motion.
      At the end of the day, be happy with where you are and what you've accomplished.