Getting Your Pace Per Mile Faster??? (Read 763 times)

    Hey guys..... I just wanted some input on workouts that would make your pace per mile faster. Is it just training and increasing your mileage or am I missing something? I will be racing all this fall and thought maybe y'all can offer me some advice. Thanks, k 1 Cor. 9:24-27 P.S. I'm wanting to run about a 5:45 pace for about 2-3 miles. So I'd need to drop about 20-30 seconds off my current pace per mile.
      For me, purely increasing my mileage has helped improve my speed. Without seeing your log it's hard to give you better advice !
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        additional mileage? fast paced interval sessions? if you are carrying any extra weight then dropping that? as trishie says without knowing a bit more about what you are doing now its very hard to say.


          Well I just finished my intervals 8 x 400s and my opinion is that to run faster you have to be able to know what it feels like to run faster and develop the physiological adaptations of running fast (Oxygen delivery and lactate removal)...therefore..intervals! Or those funny fartleks....
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            For me the keys have been simply increasing my overall miles gradually and being patient. And recently really working on my form (midfoot striking, rather than heavy heel striking) has led to a great decrease in overall times. k

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              Okay guys.....here's my log. I just came off an injury and have been training for the 800 and prepping for the 2007-2008 cross-country season. As far as weight goes, I have been told that I need to try to put on some more muscle. So feel free to give me your thoughts or ideas. Thanks, k

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                I ran cross in high school...and after looking at your log i think you need to run more... I know when i was training in the summer we put in 2 a days from june to august..averaging at least 40-50 a week and up to about 60-70 for some kids. To get your mileage base in really helps not breaking down at the end of season
                  Yep. Your goal this summer should be to build a monster aerobic base. Try to get out the door every day and just do some steady running. Developing your aerobic system will make you strong when racing season rolls around and allow you to handle hard workouts without wearing out. You might take a look at this article. It motivates me to get out the door and build the base.