Who's lining up for NYC next week? (Read 1042 times)

    kosher - i do agree with you. The biggest hill is the first mile. You don't really feel it since it is mile 1. But it does suck that you start off about 45 sec/mile off of goal pace in the first mile. Don't try to make it all up that 2nd mile though, even though it is all downhill..

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      I'm in!  First-timer to the NYC marathon.  Coming from MN tomorrow.  Goal is 2:44:59 or better.  Weather looks promising for a great race.

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        I'm not in the same league with most of you -- hoping for a time around 4:00 -- but totally psyched for this! I haven't run the NYC marathon since 1980 but it was awesome them and looks like it will be even more awesome now that it is 10 times larger.



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          I hope you all had as much fun in the Big Apple as I did a short (long?) year ago.  Congratulations. You've all inspired me to return.

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            was my first time too! if i were to advise on pacing for the next one, i would say the second half is 2-3 minutes slower than the first half if you maintain a steady effort. second half is hillier and is up overall in elevation, while first half is down overall in elevation.


            I ran 1:26:50 for first half and faded a little bit and ran 1:32:34 for second half. Snuck in with a 2:59:24 and PB by 14.5 minutes!!

            PBs: 1 mile - 4:59 (2008) 5k - 17:34 (2011) 10k - 37:40 (2011 in Blenheim Half), 21k - 1:21:32 (2011 Blenheim) 42.2k - 2:59:24 (NYC 2011), Ironman - 10:28:43 (2010 Hawaii)


            2011 Goals: Olympic Tri - 2h05min (2h09min), 5k: 17:30 (17:34) 10k: 37:00 (did not attempt), 21km: 1:21:00 (1:21:32), 42.2: 2:59:59 (2:59:24)

              Great race tahlgren. I must've been near you for lengths of the course, out in 1:27:30, back in 1:28:45.  I would agree that the first half felt faster than the back half of the race. The hill in mile one felt slow only because we were a bit stiff standing at the line without any kind of warm up. The hill on the 59th St. Bridge was notable but only slowed us 10sec or so I think. I didn't even notice the hills in Central Park for some reason but did enjoy the downhills.


              The weather was perfect. We felt the crowds along the course were bigger and louder than Boston, although each has its own charm. I felt the course ran a bit faster than Boston but was definitely a minute or two slower than a flatter course. These races, there's a lot that go into them and a lot that goes through your head and across your line of sight on race day. Quite an experience. Cheers to all who ran.

                tahlgren I didn't realize your PR was by 14.5 minutes!! That's amazing.


                I think the course is much slower than the Boston course, personally. But that may be a matter of personal experience. I had a rough day in NY Wink