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    New to runningahead.com. Also new to running. Under the Run info sec of entering a new run. There is easy, interval, Etc. I want to enter my runs corectly. So I am running indoors on bad weather day and in my neighborhood on good weather. Should I be putting Easy on all them. I noticed other logs had different descriptions. That weren't on my page. Thank you this is a great site.
      lew1043, There really is no right or wrong way to use the log. If it makes sense to you, then keep on doing it. Here's how I log my runs. The run types describe your runs. Here's how I use the types: Easy - an easy run, mostly for the sake of running. I lump warmups and cooldown into easy as well, but other people create separate types for those. Hill - they are runs done on hills, typically as repeats similar to intervals Intervals - an interval workout, such as 10x400m, or mile repeats Long - a run long, usually much longer than my easy run. For example, my easy runs are around 5-10 miles, anything longer than that is considered long. Tempo - a fast paced run, it's somewhat hard, but not near race pace Fartlek - some kind of weird Swedish running thing that I don't do Race - I only use this for races The type of run is independent of weather or location. I use courses to describe location. For example, you can have courses like "Loop around the neighborhood', or "Treadmill". To log "running indoors on bad weather day", I would set the run type (i.e. easy, tempo), create a course named treadmill (or indoor track), leave the weather entries empty because I'm indoors. For "in my neighborhood on good weather", I would set the run type, use a course named "my neighborhood", check the sunny checkbox. Let me know if you want more clarification. Maybe other people can chime in on how they use the log. eric Smile
        Thanks Eric you have a really neat site! Big grin