2013 Sub-19 5K (Read 1932 times)

    Gonna take a shot at this on Saturday. I think I have a decent chance, though I'm training through it and will be running on tired legs...goal race is in late June. I've been getting good mileage in and have started working out with a club once a week. I'm doing harder workouts than I've ever done before. Sometimes I feel pretty beat up but overall I'm adjusting well I think. Good luck to all others racing this weekend.

      I hadn't really committed to sub-19 for 2013, but I came really close (19:04) last Friday.



      19:20-19:30 sounded reasonable a week before the race, but one of the lactate threshold workouts I do fairly regularly had me running 3 miles at ~6:32 pace and the effort level was not too hard. In the past, that workout has fairly consistently been my 5k pace + ~30 seconds/mile, so I decided to shoot for 6:15/6:08/sub-6 on my splits. If I hadn't taken about 10 steps down a wrong turn at the end of mile 2 and had to back-track, I probably would have made sub-19. Getting that close makes me want to break 19 even though I hadn't really cared about it before.


      I'll probably make another attempt some time in the next month, although the warmer temperatures usually add a little bit to my times. If I don't break it before summer, I should definitely be able to in the fall

        Dang Cliffy, tooo close.  You are going to nail it next time for sure!

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          Hi all, its been about 6 weeks since I've checked in


          Good job Cliffy you'll get it next time!


          In the past 6 weeks I've gotten nowhere.  Kid sick, sore knee, 2 surgeries for my wife, I had a cold, kid sick again.  I've been lucky to get in 3 or 4 days a week, only 1 week of 20 miles, the rest in the teens.  Instead of eyeing races now or next month I'm now looking at June to July at the earliest.  It sucks.  This morning?  Had the day off for the wife's 2nd surgery, did 5 miles in 37:46, a little fast, but hadn't run since Tuesday....beautiful sunny day and mid-50's.  I hope I can start to turn it around and at least hit a 30 mile week sometime!


          Hopefully training for you all is going well and we some race reports soon with people making goals.



              Nice race, Dougal. I think you'll get it soon. Those first 2 miles were solid! I know how it feels to lose it in the last mile...that's always my problem, too.


              I ran 17:42 this morning...for 2.83 miles! Ugh. The course wasn't marked at all and the leader took the wrong turnaround, so we all ran short. I realized it was going to be short when I could see the finish line and my watch was reading 16-something. Up until that point I wasn't quite sure...I had my suspicions but I was thinking that maybe the finish was further back than I thought. Oh well. That's about 6:15/mi for almost 3 miles, so probably would have run about 19:30 for real. I guess that's okay but I'm disappointed anyway because I knew I was fading in the last 'mile'...just couldn't keep my head in the game. First two miles were 6:05, 6:13. I ran 19:12 in November and there's no way I'm not in better shape now (?) This stuff is frustrating!


                Not yet, but I did get a nice PR this morning.  19:26 for my first 5k effort since December.  Now to start actually doing some speedwork and see what I can really do.


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                  Another close but no cigar for me this morning. 19:05 unofficial garmin time.


                  With your 1:26 half,  I'm surprised you didn't crush 19 in your race today.  I'm sure this is a mental block.  Good luck in your next race.




                      Yeah, definitely let some  negative thoughts take over when the last mile pace began to hurt. Will work on that too.


                      Nice racing young offender and congrats on that shiny new PR Dave.





                      I had the same problem today, gotta work on my mental game.  Thanks!


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                      Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

                        I registered for a race on Saturday, May 4th at the last minute for another shot at sub 19.  I've been in half marathon training mode so I'm not sure the speed is there, but I'm still going to take a shot at it.

                          Well, now that my goal half and goal 50K are out of the way, time to change gears for a bit.  I'll be gunning for sub-19 on May 15th, at the ORRRC Vandalia 5K.


                          My current 5K (and 10K) PR is soft (19:50 for 5K) when compared to my half PR (1:27:27), so I think I have a shot.  After that, I will shoot to get my 10K PR in line--as it's at a slower pace than my PR half right now...


                          ...now, if only I can stop limping from the 50K.... Big grin

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                            I'd like to give it a try. I am coming off a long bout with ITBS, and am just starting to ramp my mileage up after a 3:18 marathon last fall.  My best 5k was a 19:33 last Spring, and I come from definitely more of a short distance/sprinter background.  What kind of mileage is everyone doing?  Suggestions on training programs or do you just use established training principles?  Boxers or briefs?

                              I'm gonna take a whack at a really HARD 5k this Saturday.  I've not seen/run the course before and have no clue if it's PR-friendly ... but it's time to let go of safety and put it on the line.

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                                I didn't expect to post in this thread, I was shooting for a sub-20min 5K. But I completely surprised myself this morning in a small local 5K, I ran an 18:10 for 7th place!!


                                Update: just received the official results. chip time was 18:10.6 and gun time was 18:11.2