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    Really hard to find newspapers on line from back then too. (yes, this has helped kill some time at work this morning...)

    First or last...it's the same finish line

    HF #4362

    an amazing likeness

      Ding...ding...ding.. Found it.


      50 year-old me is faster than 27 year-old me!  Whew, that's a relief, because I do things now like running and training and stuff.

      The depth of speed through 1987's field is pretty impressive -- we don't see that level pace throughout the field these days


                               1987                2011

                              ====               ====

      Winner           24:34               24:20

      #10                 26:03               29:29

      #50                 29:45               34:27

      #100               32:02               38:31

      #200               35:07               43:21

      #300               38:17               47:19

      #400               41:35               1:02:50


      Finished at #381 in 1987 in 40:46, same time in 2011 would have finished #143.


      Finished at #81 in 2011 in 36:55, same time in 1987 would have finished #262, mid-pack at best.

      Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.



        Way cool, MT!  Where did you find the results?

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          You could always buy a butterscotch:


          When I saw this in the shop for the first time a few years back, it was pretty creepy. I think if it could walk and follow people around, I'd probably have put it down there and then!

          Never forget the man who mistook his wife for a hat!

          Ποτέ δεν ξεχνά τον άνθρωπο που μπέρδεψε τη γυναίκα του για ένα καπέλο!


            We had a visitor to our office last week. I made this short film about it. But I can't find one anywhere around here to get my own (as a gag gift for a friend)




            If anyone can get one let me know and i will arrange for payment and  shipping etc.

            Thank you for the video.


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            Feeling the growl again

              I thought all cats were toys.


              I saw the thread title and was going to post this snarky comment...only to realize I had the same one 5 months ago.  Heh.

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