Mileage on your Newtons? (Read 127 times)

    For those of you who wear Newtons, how much mileage are you putting them on before retiring them?  I have a couple pair of Momentum that are ready to be replaced at 250 miles, but my pair of Gravitys have 500 miles and may last for a little more.  The lugs on them are hardly worn.


    I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone using the Sir/Lady Isaac and the Distance.


      I've gone through 6 pairs of the Distance.  I've gotten 500 miles out of each.  That is basically the point when the lugs are worn nearly all the way down towards the front.


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        I got about 325 out of my first pair of Sir Isaacs and the lugs were worn down bad.  I am a rather heavy runner for the record.  I started to get some slight knee and shin soreness right at the end and as soon as I replaced them that went away in about 3 days.

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          Inching up on 200 on my Sir Isaacs. Some solid wear on the lugs, tip, and very back of the hell showed up after only about 80 and have started to progress since then. (Also wearing through the fabric in one spot on one.) Pretty disappointing given the price, but after throwing over 500 on my previous "new to me" shoes, I think I'll be real lucky to get 400 on these before they're totally trashed.


            I have 2 pair of Gravitys. ONe is at 550 and the other is at 400. I am thinking they will last to 600, but I am no longer doing long runs in the pair with more than 500 miles.



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              My experience with Newtons is that your weight, the surface your running on and what types of runs your doing in them make a big difference with regard to how they wear. I'm 200 lbs. I got about 350-400 miles out of my Sir Issacs (and the one pair of Momentums I had) running mostly easy runs on the road. My first pair of Gravity's got about 300 miles running tempo runs and intervals on the treadmill and/or roads. What I noticed when they "wore out" was that the shoe wears from the "inside out" -- it begins to lose all of its cushion. In some cases when the shoes wore out the lugs were heavily worn, but in others the were not. It was more that the shoes no longer had any cushion (over the first mile it feels like your running on a steel plated bridge).