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    I found an interesting tool for mac users. Post approved by Eric Smile ................................................ Map your trails with TrailRunner http://www.trailrunnerx.com/english.html Exercise Mac only: Free program TrailRunner is a route planning software for runners, hikers, bicyclists - basically anyone who needs a trail. TrailRunner will import GPX-tracklogs from GPS receivers and then plot the data on a map. Within the map, TrailRunner can then calculate routes for a given distance. You can even export directions as small NanoMaps to your iPod nano, journalize your workouts in a diary (you can publish as a weblog) and improve your performance with the build in exercise plan. TrailRunner looks like an incredible app for anyone active in trail-related sports. You can tell TrailRunner the distance you want, and it automatically will map something out for you. Don't like the route? Have it give you something else. I especially like the built in blogging and trail rating systems. Now if you can just keep yourself motivated.
      Sounds great - too bad I don't have a mac

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        Sounds great - too bad I don't have a mac
        I have a Mac, but no GPS... Wink k

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