One more soccer game left, then only running (Read 102 times)

    Started dieting last Summer, and running last Fall.  Also been playing indoor soccer for the past 8 months.  48 yr old male, 225 max weight off the couch, started soccer at 212 lbs in September, ran first 5k in December at 29.xx, another 5k in March at 27.xx, and my most recent 5k this April at 26.xx.  Now down to 171 lbs.  Goal is 165 lbs.


    Soccer has been great for me.  Guess you'd call it cross-training.  I've been dieting, but I don't think I could have lost the weight without soccer.  The reality of my old HS varsity days compared to the old fat slow man I became was a wake-up call.  No way to hide or avoid that reality on the field.  If only trying to run for exercise, I think I would have made excuses and not done it, not stuck with it.  Running can be an isolating experience.  When starting jogging while fat, it is too difficult, too tempting to give up on the idea.  Once you gain the confidence of running, then the isolation can be positive.  Some can do it on their own, starting out from being fat.  I'm just saying I don't think I would have made it by myself, initially.


    But with soccer, there is a team.  Other people.  Their stories, their inspiration.  You make friends, you get support.  You also see what they can do, see their example.  Maybe at first you can only play for 2 minutes before getting too tired.  Sub out, and try more next time.  Each game it can get better if you work at it, work at getting back in shape.  There are also lots of other team/group exercise activities to pick from that hopefully offer this type of benefit.  Maybe a karate class, or basketball, or swim lessons, or whatever.  If someone is looking for motivation to get off the couch and back into exersizing, some sort of group cross-training could be useful.


    Now that I've lost the bulk of my weight, and have been running 4 times a week, in addition to the weekly soccer games, I'm ready to move on and just concentrate on the running. I built my fitness up in the game over the past 8 months, and even withstood a double-header night just fine.  Was able to walk the next morning with only a little difficulty.  I'll still occasionally do some pick-up games, or play soccer with my son, but I don't think I want to play competitive league soccer for a while anymore.  Nothing wrong with it, but just that it served it's purpose and helped motivate me.  Now the running is it's own motivation.


    Now that I've lost the weight, I can run.  I'm looking forward to trying to lower my 5k times, and I'm also looking forward to getting on the track and shooting for a sub-60s 400m.  I could do that 30 years ago with hurdles, so I'm hoping to do it now in a flat 400m.  Won't be easy, but hey, you gotta have some goals for motivation don't you?

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      If you can get connected with a local running group and do some group runs, you'll have some of that camaraderie you liked with soccer in your running.

      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

        My wife and I joined the local running club.  Mainly just because they post all the local races and schedules, and results, and do organizing, so we wanted to give them some $ support with our club dues.


        But now that I'm over the hump of the weight loss, almost at my goal, I'm doing pretty well motivating myself with running.  Fun to meet people at the races, of course, but I'm ok training by myself.


        Back when I was fat, I didn't know if I could do this.  That's where soccer really helped me.  The games were there each week, and the people were supportive.  Lots of positive peer pressure, hanging out a few hours a week with healthy people doing sports.


        Honestly, I didn't know I could do this.  At 225 lbs, it was just a distant dream.  Theoretically possible to lose weight, yes.  But who knew I'd actually lose the weight!  Now down to 168 lbs.


        And  I've just run a 10k in 56 minutes.  To me, it seems like I've arrived, and I can keep building on this.  I want to try some track meets this Summer and see how I can do in the 400m.  That's my next goal.  Also want to get my 5k down to 24 minutes.

          24 minutes?!  It sounds like you have the speed and the dedication to get that time even lower. I don't think I can touch a 60 second 400M, but have a 19 minute 5K. Keep putting in the miles and you will shatter 24 minutes, in my rookie/amateur opinion..

            Thanks!  I'd love to shatter 24 minutes.  We'll see.  One step at a time Smile


              But with running, there is a team.  Other people.  Their stories, their inspiration.  You make friends, you get support.  You also see what they can do, see their example.  Maybe at first you can only run for 3 miles before getting too tired rest and try more next time.  Each race it can get better if you work at it, work at getting back in shape. 

              I corrected you post.


              Congratulations on your weight loss.


              Now find a local running club  that caters for less fast runners.


              Don't give up the cross-training if you want to run 400s.

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