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Consistently Slow

    Bike Ride: 103.4 miles Solo.  I did my 1st Century ride, and did it alone the entire ride. 


    6 hour mental challenge of talking myself through a hill, making sure I ate and drank proper amount at proper time, and constantly thinking about the goal for the workout.


    During a workout, you're given a book of matches.  When you strike the match, the match is gone.  During a race, you need to make sure that you have at least 1 match left as you cross the finish line.  During this workout, I made sure that I didn't strike many matches!


    Run until the trail runs out.

     SCHEDULE 2016--

     The pain that hurts the worse is the imagined pain. One of the most difficult arts of racing is learning to ignore the imagined pain and just live with the present pain (which is always bearable.) - Jeff

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      I won first overall female at a local 5K this morning Big grin



      It was a small race, but a win is a win, right???? My goals were 1) win my age group and 2) break 24 minutes.


      Well, I got a 24:05, but that was probably because I couldn't actually believe I was in first place and I spent the last 0.1 miles looking over my shoulder to see if any ladies were creeping on me! LOL. They were, but I held them off which I'm proud of.


      I'll get that sub 24 next time....



        Very nice,  congrats!!



        Does it feel good?

        old woman w/hobby

          Very good!  Congratulations!



          Just run.

            A win is a win, very very cool

            Interval Junkie --Nobby

              You go, girl!  Hey, the only reason the local champions win 1st place is because the elites don't show up.  A race is a race.  Awesome job!

              2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals





                Does it feel good?


                 It does, it really does Smile It's great motivation to add more speed work to my weeks. I want more!!!!!!!

                 I told my husband to build me a trophy case...he told me to cool my jets and put it on the mantel  Wink

                  Yes it does!  You go girl!  Great job!   Big grin

                    Ran my long run today of 10.5 miles, longest ever!  On track for my first ever 100 mile month!  4 weeks from tomorrow is my first 1/2.  One more long run and then the tapper begins!  Can't believe I am almost there!

                      Congrats and congrats, Vege and Kathy!

                      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                        Today I helped build a school playground for 10 hours, probably 5 of which involved actively moving dirt and mulch. What does this have to do with running? Before I started running last year I would work in my yard for an hour and be exhausted for the rest of the day. Running is not so pointless afterall Wink


                          Kathy....once you get that first 100 mile month you will be hooked! I working on my 4th Smile



                          Wing...that is so awesome! How rewarding. I love working in my garden and between today and last weekend I put in probably a total of 10 hours...I agree running has helped my weeding and hoeing abilities Smile

                          Miles to Go

                            Ran my 10th Chicago Shamrock Shuffle today! Ran with a friend from childhood who was running his first race - and nephew doing the same. Beautiful day and beautiful run.

                            See how they run...

                              Today I hit 101.60 miles for the month of March.  First triple digit month ever!  Yahoo!  So happy!

                              Cool Jump Suit

                                Today I hit 101.60 miles for the month of March.  First triple digit month ever!  Yahoo!  So happy!



                                Nice job!

                                So bittersweet,
                                This tragedy
                                Won't ask for absolution;
                                This melody,
                                Inside of me,
                                Still searches for solution.
                                A twist of faith,
                                A change of heart
                                Cures my infatuation.
                                A broken heart, 
                                Provides the spark
                                For my determination.