Downloading Data (Read 207 times)


    I've been successfully downloading my data to computer for about 4 years now.  All of a sudden, the

    .txt files are showing up as corrupted.  When I click under "properties", it's showing that the file is over

    4 gigs in size!  Nothing I've tried has worked..and (to repeat), I'm doing the same thing I've been doing

    since 2008 with no problems.


    Using XP operating system. Last successful download was 2/15/12. 




      I was able to download your data files without any problems.  The files you download are ZIP files.  They may contain .txt files depending on which one you downloaded.  My guess is something on your system is corrupting the files.  It could be the software you use to open them.  Either way, I'll message you with my email address and you can send me the files so I can take a look.


      eric Smile