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    I am a healthy 34 yo female, have always been an avid runner  and frequent the gym for mostly weight training.  This past January, while performing box jumps, I started to feel a pulling pain behind my left knee, just slightly below the knee bend.  The pain was intermittent up until recently.  Recently, the pain has become frequent.  There is a pulling or tearing sensation if I try to lengthen my stride while running.  I also notice pain in the same spot behind the knee when transitioning from sitting to standing, or if I do any high-intensity leg movements that involve bending and straightening the knee, such as jump squats or jump lunges.  Its almost a painful tightening or spasm, and my knee is temporarily locked until the spasm or tightening subsides (usually a few seconds).  I have had acl reconstruction and medial meniscus repair on this knee previously.  This pain does not feel like it is coming from within the joint, but instead more superficial. (If I push around, I can pinpoint a tender spot).  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms and if so, did you ever heal?  Its been almost a year and I feel that my progress in running and exercising has come to a halt.  Thank you!


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      Why don’t you try not jumping at all for a while.

      you can get all the benefits of lifting with out doing anything that requires jumping

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        Could it be this muscle? (Plantaris)


          have you ever stopped and just taken a few weeks of total rest?? if you find a tender spot in the muscle or ligament then it probably needs a break. Do you ice after every workout? Are you doing any rehab or strengthening of the muscles surrounding the tender area? Do you foam roll? Are you stretching? If so, you might actually be overworking it, in general tight or torn muscles don't like to be stretched.




            Could it be this muscle? (Plantaris)


            I’d think the popliteus muscle is more likely. A year is a long time. You need to see a doc or a PT.


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              I used to have this happen once in awhile when I changed something in my training too quickly. (I think, as bhearn indicated, I'd id'ed it as the popliteus muscle.) So, I'd back off (still run, just avoid stuff that bothered it) until the weird pulling went away.


              If it's been a year, I'd go see a doc/specialist, and stop doing stuff that bugs it. Also, rolling your calves/hamstrings might help.

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                It does sound like you pulled a hamstring. I'm dealing with the same issue right now. Check out the "pains and aches" area it has some great advice.
                I have been using RICE, stretching, and massaging with "The Stick", it's much better today (I think I pulled it on Sunday). I haven't stopped running because of this, seems like runnning might actually help it heal.
                Speed work and hills might be the culprit for my pain.
                Good luck.