Should I do a walk/run 5k or wait (Read 108 times)


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    Good luck. Regardless of your goals, getting out there and walking or running or any combination thereof if beneficial. At least from my limited perspective.


    Agreed!  You don't "earn" your right to be at a 5k by being able to run the whole thing.  I am planning to participate in a 5k in March... and I PLAN to walk the whole thing.  And another one in May.  Again, PLANNING to walk the whole thing.  And you know what?  For me, just showing up and just finishing is enough.  Having fun is enough for me.  Mission accomplished.


    Just show up - for yourself, for the walk or running that you do, for the race, for your life.  Be present and have fun!

    Roads were made for journeys...


      Thank you - I got out there & did a w/r starting with a short run x2. Goal is to w/r 3 x/week. Working on my discipline, priorities, and motivation. Have a good day, everyone.


      Professional N.: All the best for your race in March!