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      I know there's another thread out there stating that an iPhone app is coming soon.


      Just wanted to throw out that a killer feature of such an app would be to use the iPhone's GPS to record actual distance/time/ pace on a run, then upload directly into our RA running log.  There's a few apps out there that do this (RunKeeper, Nike+ GPS, for example) but none of them upload to a place that I care to log my runs.


      MTA: Ah, I see that the Handy Runner Android app has this kind of functionality.  Is it safe to assume that the iPhone app will have it, too?

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        Very much looking forward to this! GPS integration seems plausible, but right now I've only got an iPod so I wouldn't be able to use that feature. But I'd still buy the app because it'd come in handy for when I run away from home or I'm too lazy to turn on the computer.


        This is kind of ironic because I got a Garmin Forerunner for Christmas, which covers the GPS part :P But it's not like I'll be getting an iPhone anytime soon.

          Just a reminder there are still people like to have iphone app.

          JohnB in CA

            I have been using RunningAhead for a few years (since they closed down kick.com), and just signed up as an ad-free (paying) user. I would *love* to have an iPhone App for RA like RunKeeper. The RunKeeper app is very slick, but I like RA and don't want yet another running log.


            Eric, please let us know when you can share and development status, and if we can help out as testers, etc. Thanks for all your great work.



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                this would be great.  I was literally just about to search this topic when I noticed on the recent posts feed

                  iphone doesnt have handy runner?

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                      mobile site or iPhone App...

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                        I just use RunKeeper and export the GPX file on the RunKeeper website then import it here. This works pretty well except for splits.

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                          Any chance of developing an iPhone application with the main function of logging training entries? Apple has a SDK available - http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ Could you check it out and see if this is possible? thanks -Dave

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                            I just saw the Handy Runner application on a friend's Android phone.  It's so easy to upload to RA.

                            So I'm interested to know, is there an iPhone app in development?  I'd pay 10$ for an iPhone app.

                              I have been using Running Ahead with my Garmin for years.  However, I have started using iSmoothrun on my iPhone instead of my garmin.  I export it to Runkeeper.  Is there any way to get the iSmoothrun app to upload to Running Ahead?


                                I also use iSmoothRun on the iphone.   I suggested to the iSmoothRun developers that they look into supporting integration with RunningAhead.  I hope they can make it happen!


                                In the meantime, I've been using the GPX file produced by iSmoothRun and importing it into RA.  Seems to work well.