Minor Injury - need advice (Read 88 times)

    Have been battling a minor injury for a while now, Diagnosed as Meralgia Parasthetica, basically an irritated sensory nerve that makes my thigh numb and quite painful mostly at night, but I can feel it all through the day as well.  It's been in the background for the better part of two years, but it's getting worse now.


    Orthopedic doctor says it's OK to keep running, as long as I can tolerate the pain, as the nerve is only sensory and has no motor function and should resolve in a couple of months, but it's getting worse, and impacting my ability to sleep. Not sure how much worse this can get If I keep running.  I think some imbalance with another minor issue in the other leg started this whole thing, and I need to correct that. I notice I keep standing on one leg (the one with the meraglia) when not paying attention possibly overloading the muscles and causing inflammation. Not sure if this is manifested while running as well.


    So the question is "should I keep running or take a couple of months off while focusing on core, glute strength, and correcting that imbalance which has crept in".


    No race plans in the immediate future, but want to run a marathon this fall (just finish) and a goal marathon in Spring (3/15/15), with a couple of half marathons and a 5k or two just to gauge progress and set training paces.

      Take a week off running but start your core and strength and flexibility work immediately.  See if you can work through it while ramping up your rehab. If 1 month from now it is no better or getting worse, then I would take a month off running and cross train focusing on things that do not irritate the condition.

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        Thanks Tchuck.  Have been running less ever since this issue started, and maybe completely staying off feet (running and walking) and even no biking/elliptical is likely the way to go. Kind of tough to avoid any exercise on the feet, maybe I'll take up swimming, but I am especially bad at it, can't swim more than 10 laps.