DS16 and His Ham Sandwich Make the Newspaper (Read 720 times)


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    My son's HS XC team won the Maine Class B championship in XC yesterday, for the second straight year. After the race, Logan had his first newspaper interview. The article that appeared was kind of a surprise, lol. <logan>> He was actually disappointed with 6th place, but he has another year to improve. I guess next year we'll have to tie his bag lunch around his neck before we send him off to the meet! We will also set his watch alarm to go off to remind him to eat. Wink </logan>


      Heh, I wish I could forget to eat...how does one do that?! Tongue Nice work, Logan! Big grin

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        Great job - congrats to your DS! Smile

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          Great job to his entire team! It's amazing how dominant a team that can pack the runners near one another can be.

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